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At Olathe Business Phone Systems, we are committed to providing our customers with highly effective communication solutions. Our variety of industry-leading services, including Cat5e cabling for secure networks, ensure that our clients get maximum performance and security. With these cutting-edge technology features, businesses can stay ahead of their competition. To help customers make the most informed decision possible, we offer complimentary consultations from experienced telecom professionals in the industry. When it comes to reliable and innovative network installation services, Olathe Business Phone System is the preferred choice for customers seeking a competitive edge.

Cat 5e vs. Cat 6 vs. Cat 6A – which one do I need?

With the prevalence of high-tech gadgets and devices in today’s world, product performance has become more dependent than ever on having the correct cables. As these materials can build or break a technology experience, careful consideration should be taken when settling for cabling solutions. In addition to ensuring a secure network, using the right cables can also provide financial benefits such as improved speed and fewer problems with interference. Consumers now have access to different cabling options that fit specific consumer needs, with higher end products specifically designed for online gaming, as well as budget friendly bundles thoroughly tested by experts. The bottom line is that selecting the best cable solutions is pivotal if users want to achieve maximum efficiency while maintaining long-term reliability – they are crucial to utilize a tech device’s full capabilities and ensure optimal performance in their arsenal.

Cat 5e data cable –Maximize your business success with Cat 5e data cable, the ultimate solution for efficient and reliable transmission. Reap the rewards of speeds up to 1000 Mbps over extended distances – perfect for businesses who seek an edge on their competitors! Not only will you benefit from robust cabling made for longevity, but also a steady stream of performance and gigabit Ethernet capability backed by quality infrastructure solutions. Invest wisely today into enhanced future growth; choose top-end Cat 5e data cables now!


Cat6 data cable – Gain an edge over the competition with Cat 6 Ethernet cabling – a sleek, shielded technology that offers high power performance at speeds of up to 10Gbps! This convenient installation solution will provide worry-free results and maximum reliability. Experience no interference or loss in any setup – quickly start leveraging this superior cable option now and catapult your operations ahead.

Cat 6A data cable – Olathe Business Phone System is the perfect partner for secure, high-speed data transmission. Their professionals possess an in-depth knowledge of standards and regulations to ensure their clients maximize return on investment with cutting edge Cat 6A cabling technology—a gold standard providing speeds up to a blazing 10 Gigabits/second over 328 feet.

Network Cabling Services

At Olathe Business Phone Systems, we understand that no two businesses are the same and strive to provide tailored IT solutions which are not only fit to their exact size and budget restrictions but also demonstrate superior performance. Our team of qualified specialists have decades of experience in crafting optimal infrastructures for every business; from small shops to large enterprises – it makes no difference. We prioritize customer satisfaction and guarantee all purchases are guaranteed investments that come with great value for money. When you choose us, rest assured your network will be designed with efficiency in mind – providing desired returns quickly and effectively.

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